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Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle

IPDC - Queensland

The Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle is one of the founding organisations of the Slacks Creek Mosque,  Australian Centre for Unity, which serves as the IPDC's Queensland Centre. It is one of five centres across Australia . Other centres are located in NSW, Victoria and Western Australia.

Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle (IPDC) Incorporated is a registered Australian body with Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). In addition to propagate the basic teachings of Islam, IPDC is involved in a number of community services including advancement of education, eradication of poverty, promotion of better health, improvement of human welfare, quality of life and thereby attain the pleasure of Allah.

Through a variety of programs IPDC has made a commitment towards education, health, training and development of the future Australia’s Muslim community. IPDC achieve its goals through some of its renowned programs such as:

  • Da'wah (Invitation): IPDC conveys and promotes the true and comprehensive message of Islam in accordance with the teaching of the Qur’an and Sunnah. It works hard for the benefit of all people without discrimination on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, nationality, disability, age and political, religious, or other beliefs.

  • Organisation: IPDC organises all those who agree and are prepared to live in accordance with the fundamental beliefs, aims, objectives and programmes of the Organisation.

  • Tarbiayh (Teaching and Learning Programs): IPDC provides teaching and learning programs for the development of all its manpower so that they may become true and dedicated Muslims, as well as responsible and capable members of society in order to improve community cohesion and play a constructive and positive role in society as a whole. For examples, it organises study circle which include topics from Islam and contemporary social issues.

  • Social Welfare: IPDC engages its manpower in providing various services of the community in need, irrespective of gender, race, colour or creed. In addition, it works to for the promotion and preservation of environmental issues like observing clean up Australia day, anti-smoking & anti-drug awareness, funeral assistance, helping new migrants and students, blood donation, bushfire help etc.

  • Islamic Education and Research: Islamic and general education for children, youths and adults.

  • Outing, Sports and Recreation: Camping of its members in different natural areas of Australia.

To learn more visit the IPDC website by clicking the button below.

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