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Welcome to Slacks Creek Mosque

Australian Centre for Unity
Established in 2015 by: 

Islamic Practice & Dawah Circle - QLD & Iqra Academy Australia

A Centre to serve as a Mosque, Community Centre and to promote unity among all Australians

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Current Prayer Times

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Isha Jamaat


About Us

Slacks Creek Mosque, Australian Centre for Unity was established in 2015 by the Islamic Practice & Dawah Circle (IPDC) & Iqra Academy Australia to serve the Muslim and the Broader Australian Community in the Slacks Creek and surrounding areas. As proud Australians we believe we should all work together and build a harmonious present and future for all.

Iqra Academy Australia operates out of Slacks Creek Mosque and runs the Mosque's aafter school madrasah, providing crucial Islamic Education to the children in our community.

Slacks Creek Mosque also serves as the Queensland centre of IPDC. IPDC many ongoing activities, with the vision to serve the local community.


Slacks Creek Mosque provides many community services. We hold regular prayers including Friday Jummah, as well as an exciting range of educational events. We also work actively with the general community, being active in local charity work. 



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